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Manage IT like a business

Since our company was founded in 2001, we’ve continuously expanded and grown into an internationally operating consulting business with more than 40 consultants. Our team supports business ventures to optimise the value propositions of their information technologies in systematic and substantial ways.

Managing IT like a business means focussing all IT activities on corporate goals to maximise the impact on corporate success. IT innovations, their economic efficiency and reliability should be arranged in ways that target generating maximum benefits for corporate business processes from IT solutions. We act as trusted partners, aim at pragmatic results, and we’ll be there to support the implementation of ideas and concepts once they’ve been developed. Our intention is to actively transfer knowledge to our customers, making sure that they will benefit from the solutions we’ve provided without any further support after terminating a project.


Providing comprehensive consulting services

Under the headline Technology Business Management (TBM), we’ll make your IT costs transparent and enable structured analyses of costs and consumption. We’ll define the necessary, fact-based optimisation measures that will ultimately maximise your IT value propositions.

Our IT Strategy Consulting agenda will help you identify suitable aims for your IT organisation structures and perfectly match the demands of your business assignments to IT solutions. However, our job doesn’t end here – we’ll also put the concepts into practice.  

Our Sourcing Services will help you to pinpoint the ideal level of IT production. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from establishing a sourcing strategy, tender provision and transition through to successful provider management.

A further area of our services involves how to operate and manage IT solutions, at the same time optimising their value. We call this service and everything it involves Demand Management Consulting.

We’ll also provide experienced interim managers. They’ll handle jobs that aren’t covered in the project, e.g. occupying vacant line management positions for transitional periods.


Customers that already trust us

We advise large international groups across all industries and medium-sized businesses that potentially benefit from the competitive edge IT has to offer. They include private companies as well as public authorities and organisations on a local, national and international scale.

Our Team

Outside the box

IndiTango consultants understand customer demands and can develop specific solutions to individual problems. Their strength lies in combining IT process knowledge, technology and business expertise with carefully balanced conceptual and hands-on skills. Interdisciplinary training guarantees the ability to think outside the box. Our team includes economists, computer scientists, engineers and consultants with degrees in art history, psychology and health management.

IndiTango Management

IndiTango Team

Social Responsibility

More than just a business

Since we launched the business in 2001, we have taken responsibility for our business and for society. Our aim is a connection between economy and society, the individual and personal interests of our customers and staff, and applying the ethics of corporate social responsibility. We behave in sustainable ways and have established sustainability policies throughout the company.

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. We use resources sustainably, respect the individual freedom and diversity of human beings and, as a business, we wish to contribute towards society in a productive and positive way. We support social, ecological and economic projects, locally and worldwide.

We are affiliates to the Association for Computer Sciences (GFI) and actively participate in the group ‘IT Controlling’. For decades, linking science and economy has played a significant role. From our Hamburg office, we promote this combination as a sponsor of the Master Study Programme ‘IT Management and Consulting’ at the University of Hamburg as well as a sponsor of the Association 'Wedeler Hochschulbund e.V.' for the Bachelor and Master Study Programmes 'Business Informatics' and 'Business Administration'.  

Established CO2 company car policies

Certificate-based CO2 compensation of flights at

Initiator of The Home Office Day in Germany

Child sponsorship in Africa through Plan International Deutschland e.V.

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