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Resume of INKOP2017 in Dubronvik

After four days full of workshops, discussions and networking, Jens O. Redenius, CEO and founder of IndiTango, came back motivated and enthusiastic again to Hamburg on Sunday, 8 October 2017.

In the selected workshop, Mr. Redenius was able to personally experience agile project management methods based on a project task to be solved by the teams.
Based on the motto “INKOP2021”, the team of CIOs and consultants had the task to build a city from Lego and to implement a total of 20 customer stories.
All workshop members were impressed by the jointly created result and were amazed at the efficiency of the agile method. The presented results of the other workshop groupss were also very inspiring. All in all another successful event.

The participation for the INKOP2018 in Athens is already noted in the calendar!

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