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Summary of the "Inside IT Service Charging & Service Catalogue Management 2018" Conference

Stefan Jugel and Jens Redenius attended the conference for the first time on April 24th, 2018 and hosted the round table entitled "How much cost transparency is necessary for value-oriented IT management?”.

It turned out that cost transparency and cost allocation in IT are still current topics that IT organizations are dealing with. Companies are particularly looking for models and automation tools that provide sufficient transparency for controlling and make increasing complexity manageable. Once again it became clear that most companies do not have a clear strategy for value-based management of IT, although this would greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of IT and change the cost discussion into a value discussion in IT.

Mr. Jugel and Mr. Redenius summarize both conference days as follows: "The discussion with the conference topics confirmed once again that TBM offers pragmatic answers and solutions for the current issues of cost transparency and value-based management of IT. The standardized cost and allocation models, KPIs and best-practice methods enable IT organizations to successfully take the challenging path of value-based management.”

If you would like to accept this challenge together with us, please contact Jens Redenius directly: jens.redenius@inditango.com.

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