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The 2nd TBM dinner combined with the TBM European Summit 2017 in London

On June 15, 2017, the TBM European Summit will again be held in London. The night before, on June 14, IntiTango will be hosting a dinner with the German TBM community.

Participants will experience first-hand how the implementation of the TBM with a DAX-30 company is taking place.

TBM was designed under the umbrella of the TBM Council and over 2,200 IT leaders to establish a worldwide standard and best practices for measuring, optimizing and communicating the value of IT. TBM disciplines, for example, cost transparency, benchmarking and compliance of reporting supports companies to optimize IT costs, standardize application portfolios and the mange resources to work for IT projects that generate the highest value added. TBM will be always adapted and developed further to the current challenges.

On behalf of the president of the TBM Council IndiTango invites CIOs to meet IT leaders in London, who are using TBM to achieve competitive advantage through IT. Participants can expect lectures from leading companies.

You will find further details regarding the TBM Summit 2017 here: www.tbmsummiteurope.com.

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