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The first German-language webinar on "TBM-as-a-Service" (TBMaaS)

IT companies face the particular challenge of constantly expanding their task portfolio in order to react adequately to developments and the latest trends in the industry. In addition to new technology investments, IT managers are also called upon to promote innovation and competitiveness in their companies. Technology Business Management (TBM) is the solution for optimal support within the company! In TBM, IT costs and benefits are systematically mapped and allocated to the enterprise's value. This facilitates communication with the divisions. However, many companies often hesitate to implement this concept because the expected effort appears to be too great.

The goal of IndiTango and Apptio is to reduce the effort for installation and operation. With the new TBM-as-a-Service (TBMaaS) solution approach, we ensure that companies automatically receive a simplified TBM entry. IndiTango and Apptio explain the possibilities of TBMaaS in the form of a webinar. But see for yourself what we produced for you on November 13!

You can download the video here: https://www.apptio.com/resources/webinar-recordings/tbm-service-tbmaas-der-weg-zu-mehr-kostenoptimierung-nutzenorientierung.

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