Conception and introduction of a group-wide IT planning using the module IT planning by Apptio




IT provider of an energy supplier

Initial situation

  • The IT planning process required structuring and standardization, as well as the establishment of a rolling planning
  • The goal was to introduce a solution for IT planning to realize the following potentials:
    • Accelerate the annual budget planning process and the rolling forecast
    • Providing top-down and demand-driven planning integrated across all planning objects: Business Units, IT Services, Projects and Cost Centers


  • Project management
  • Modeling of uniform planning processes and their integration into the existing structures and dependent processes
  • Development of a governance model and its characteristics for the design of the IT planning solution
  • Conception and configuration of the Apptio™ IT planning modules ITP Foundation, ITP Service Demand and ITP Project Financials
  • Integration of IT planning modules in Apptio Cost Transparency for plan/actual comparisons
  • Description of the requirements for necessary tools and data sources
  • Creation of customer-specific reports


  • The annual budget process and rolling forecasts are completely executed in the Apptio environment
  • Planning processes run more efficient and precise
  • Reliability and validity of the data base are ensured and contribute to the satisfaction of those responsible
  • Better availability of reports throughout the organisation
  • Central base for decisions in IT planning and a significant acceleration of the decision-making process
  • Changes in planning via the planning process are comprehensible
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