Establishing software procurement governance to manage strategic purchasing of software licences





Group IT of an industrial concern (ca. 80.000 users)

Initial situation

  • Decentralized group structure and differentiated IT requirements from the customers are leading to a decentralized software and asset management (SAM) in the operational business
  • Software master agreements are centrally negotiated and managed for the complete group, but due to the decentral responsibilities in the operational business not all optimizations for the software procurement and license management could be realized
  • The goal is to establish a software procurement governance to manage the group wide software procurement processes to realize the following potentials:
    • Securing the license compliance
    • Optimization of the purchase prices
    • Standardization of the software portfolio
    • Increase efficiency of software procurement process


  • Project lead
  • Development of a governance model
  • Definition of the organizational specifications including the internal and external resource demand
  • Definition of the interfaces towards involved business units
  • Process modelling and definition of roles and responsibilities (RACI matrix)
  • Description of the requirements for needed tools and data sources
  • Identification of the benefit and comparison of the costs and risks (business case)
  • Creation of an implementation plan (project plan with effort, timeline, etc.)


  • Implementation concept SAM governance
  • Decision proposal for the management board
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