Fostering your ideas

After more than 15 years of successfully capturing the market ourselves, we’ve decided to offer fertile ground for good ideas and encourage their growth.

We know how challenging it can be to get an idea for a new business off the ground. With our expertise, our resources and our connections to potential customers, we can dependably contribute towards turning a brilliant idea into a successful business.  

In the first place, our focus lies on the areas that concern our own business: digitalisation in the B2B industry. This includes platforms, technologies such as Blockchain or software solutions that have the potential to create competitive edges. The more disruptive energy an idea has, the more we like it. We want to be at your side when you make an impact and leave your mark.

It doesn’t matter how far you’ve developed your idea. We’re happy to be with you from the very start. If you’re only looking for an investor, we think you’ll probably be better off with a classic venture capital (VC) firm.


Our offer

Our services and what we can help you with:

  • The passion to turn good ideas into successful businesses
  • Challenging the idea: benefits, markets, monetisation
  • Providing resources (workplaces, manpower, capital)
  • Access to potential customers
  • Access to investors
  • Support:
            - Managing the paperwork for start-ups
            - Creating business plans
            - Presenting ideas to investors, customers and partners
            - Negotiating shares and other contracts
            - Identifying peers (suppliers, programmers)



Got it?

Just to make sure you’ve got it right: We are not a VC firm that invests in promising portfolios or creates added value for stakeholders. We enjoy turning good ideas into successful ideas. We can be partner, coach, investor or everything at once.  

For more information, please contact Jens O. Redenius at:

+49 40 / 3680788 101 or

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